Name: Daniel Nurmi
Rank: Ph.D. Computer Science, UCSB
email: nurmi at cs dot ucsb dot edu

Eucalyptus: Open Source Cloud Computing Platform
Batch Queue Software and Links

For a complete list of my professional activities and publications, see the following documents:
  • Curriculum Vitae (includes publication list)
  • Research Statement
  • Teaching Philosophy

  • For informaiton regarding my specific research activities, please see the following representative research papers (see the above C.V. for a full list of publications):
  • QBETS: Queue Bounds Estimation from Time Series
  • Evaluation of a Workflow Scheduler Using Integrated Performance Modelling and Batch Queue Wait Time Prediction
  • Probabilistic Advanced Reservations for Batch-scheduled Parallel Machines

  • Dan in a Nutshell, 1st Ed.
    Here is the short story of Dan, if interested.