The Banff Rocky Mountain Resort
Banff, Alberta, Canada
October 20-21, 1997

uman-computer interaction has not fundamentally changed for nearly two decades.  Most users are still limited to interacting with computers via keyboards and pointing devices.  However an increasing number of researchers in various areas of computer science are developing technologies to add perceptual capabilities such as speech and vision to the human-computer interface.  Such perceptual user interfaces are likely to be the next major paradigm in human-computer interaction. 

The purpose of this workshop is to bring together researchers from academia and industry working in vision, speech, user interfaces, machine learning, and user modeling, with common interests in making human-computer interaction more natural and compelling by integrating perceptual input into the user interface.  The intimate size, focus on discussion, and comfortable surroundings will make this workshop an ideal opportunity to exchange ideas, share research results and learn about the various issues and technologies involved in creating the next generation of user interfaces.

The workshop will take place following UIST '97 (User Interface Software and Technology), an ACM-sponsored conference which will be held at a nearby hotel in Banff on October 14-17.  Workshop participants are encouraged to come early to attend UIST '97 as well.

Click here for a one-page Workshop Announcement in postscript form

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