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Department of Computer Science

University of California, Santa Barbara

Wait List Policy for Computer Science Courses


  1. Add yourself to the UCSB-wide wait list of a full class.
  2. Do not sign up for a class for which you do not have the required pre-requisites (you will not be allocated an add code).
  3. Wait lists open ONE WEEK before the quarter starts.
  4. Students must attend first day of lecture to have a chance of getting in off of the waiting list.
  5. If approved for add code Students *must respond within 24 hours* or they forfeit their add codes.
  6. Add codes will be handed out in GPA order (max to min). Special consideration will be given to Freshman (without a GPA) for CS8 and CS16 in Fall Quarter.


Wait lists for full classes are available for students. The wait list for a particular class opens 1 week before the quarter starts. If seats are available the department will contact students on the wait list via email with information on how/when to pick up their add codes in person. Add codes are issued in prioritized order (the order is below) and students have 24 hours to respond to the notice from the CS office. Students are responsible for ensuring that the department is able to contact them using the email address on file with the CS office. Students can sign up for an email account or verify the email address that the department has on file by contacting the undergraduate staff advisor in the Computer Science office.

Students on the wait list will be allocated available seats (represented by add codes) until all seats are taken or the wait list is emptied. Students who fail to contact the office within 24 hours will be removed from the wait list and their add code will be reallocated to the next person on the list. Students will be allocated add codes according to GPA. Students without a GPA (Freshman) will be allocated a subset of available seats for CS8 and CS16 courses in Fall quarter; these students will be given add codes based on the date/time that they sign up on the wait list.

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Updated 17-Sep-2013
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