Research-directed gifts help us recruit and retain the very best faculty and graduate students from around the world who will focus their talent and energy on creating technological solutions to the increasingly complex global problems.  These gifts help us remain competitive with our peers and continue to elevate our national and international stature.

Named Endowed Chairs

At UC Santa Barbara, private philanthropic support is central to maintaining the quality of teaching, research, and public service. One of the most important types of gifts to higher education is an endowed chair, which helps to promote and maintain faculty excellence.

Created by a philanthropic gift, these highly prized academic positions are supported by earnings from invested funds. While the state budget pays for the faculty member's salary, the proceeds from the endowment provide enrichments - such as research money and support for instruction - that are important to the recruitment and retention of the world's greatest scholars.

Through the generous support of our benefactors, the Department currently has one Senior Faculty Endowed Chair, the Leadership Chair, occupied by Prof. Richard Kemmerer, and three Junior Endowed Chairs that have been used to recruit excellent young faculty. The junior chairs include the Venkatesh "Venky" Narayanamurti Chair (funded by Karl and Pamela Lopker and the Lopker Family Foundation), used to recruit Prof. Xifeng Yan; the Eugene Aas Chair (funded by Mark and Susan Bertelsen), used to recruit Prof. Chris Kruegel, and the David and XX Culler Chair (funded by Culler Family), used to recruit Prof. Stefano Tessaro.

The Department seeks new Endowed Chairs, especially targeted at mid-career and senior faculty.

Named Visiting Professorships

The Department is seeking gifts to establish one or more Distinguished Visiting Professorships. These funds will allow us to bring leading academics for an extended period of time (6 months to a year) for research collaborations.