Hot Coffee + Cool Research Tuesdays

Tuesday, January 12, 2016 - 1:00pm
Harold Frank Hall 1132
Alex Pucher

Our weekly coffee hours continue this quarter with a twist! Every Tuesday this quarter from 1-2pm in HFH1132 we'll start off with a short presentation (max 10min) from fellow CS graduate student on what they are up to in their research, alongside enjoying coffee and cookies courtesy of AppFolio.

We start off next week with a presentation from Alexander Pucher. If you have research you'd love to share, want feedback from our diverse department, and/or want to practice your public speaking, let me know at

Alex is a 5th-year PhD student of RACELab trying to make the cloud a better place.  He shepherds spot instances using time-series analysis and machine learning techniques.
#cloud #machinelearning #systems

Everyone welcome!