MS Project Defense - Ievgeniia Iedemska

Monday, June 9, 2014 - 12:00pm
Harold Frank Hall 1132
Elizabeth Belding (Chair) and Amr El Abbadi

Title: VillageShare OwnCloud Android: enhancing functionality of social network mobile application


Internet connectivity is not equally accessible to everyone in the world. For example, communities in rural developing regions often have only low bandwidth, high latency wireless gateway links, and, thus, cannot actively participate in Internet content generation in various online social networks. In spite of infrastructural limitations, we observe that users in the community continue to exchange content with each other over online social networks. In this situation, poor quality of service and high failure rates when pushing data are inevitable.  Our project VillageShare aims to solve this problem by creating local social network infrastructure that enables active data exchange between users.

VillageShare is based on OwnCloud, an open-source private cloud project. OwnCloud provides both server and client interfaces to support data synchronization between users and a private cloud. In the previous work there was created the Friendship application, which enabled users to form friendships and create groups within OwnCloud, making it more similar to popular online social networks.

However, data management and client-server synchronization protocols were not fully updated for mobile android application. This project implements the missing updates and enhances functionality of the existing android application by adding data sharing with multiple recipients and selective data synchronization, necessary for decreasing network loads.

Everyone welcome!