In attendance: Aziz Gulbeden, Zhongnan Shen, Sezgin Sucu, Hong Tang (remote), Tao Yang, and Jingyu Zhou.

Time: 4:30-5:30PM.

The meeting discusses the following topics:

(1) Application benchmarks for Sorrento
(2) Replication in Sorrento
(3) Migration in Sorrento

(1) Zhongnan wrote a web-cache that uses Sorrento for storage, the application accesses Sorrento through one node called web-cache server. Tao suggested ideas of what application benchmarks to build. Zhongnan also identified a bug that occurs occasionally during read operations.

(2) Aziz has added the basic functionality required for replication, and wrote a simple replicator module at the server side. The replicator should be working fine in 1 to 2 weeks.

(3) Bill has decided start implementing migration on Sorrento instead of emulating the migration strategy. Bill and Aziz will collaborate for the design of migration module. Bill can also work with Zhongnan for designing/writing application benchmarks for Sorrento.