In attendance: Aziz Gulbeden, Zhongnan Shen, Sezgin Sucu, Hong Tang (remote), Ashwin Murthy, and Jingyu Zhou.

Time: 2:00-3:00PM.

The meeting discusses the following topics:

(1) Sezgin have done experiments using Neptune and MySQL and found random crashes. The reason may be the bug in the Neptune code. Sezgin will pursue this issue.

(2) Ashwin has modified user daemon to make it more efficiently. He will continue some tests with basic shell commands. After that, a trace collector using LD_PRELOAD for libc functions (Jingyu can provides example programs) and a trace replayer using Sorrento API need to be written.

(3) Aziz is working on Versioning. Replication is working. He expects to complete in a week.

(4) Zhongnan has collected some data: 70KB/Sorrento client throughput. He will do more tests to find out possible bottleneck or other issues.

(5) Jingyu has experimented with kernel module/userland daemon and discovered a bug (have been fixed by Hong). He will continue the development and perform more testings.