In attendance: Lingkun Chu, Aziz Gulbeden, Hong Tang, Tao Yang, and
Jingyu Zhou.
Organizer: Hong Tang.
Time: 4:50-6:00PM.
The meeting discusses the following topics:

(1) Teoma offline Architecture.
(2) Project progress.

(1) Tao presented the Teoma offline architecture, and suggested ideas of
how Sorrento may fit in the picture.

(2) Progress:
       Aziz has finished the basic functionality of Server module
(storage management), and did some initiali testing. He is currently
expanding the module to add the indirect lookup table support and do
more stress testing. 
      Hong has completed the coding of an adaptor class that emulates
a file system call interface. He is now working on the logical data
organization layer and adding consistent hashing support into the proxy

(3) Action items:
      We are pushing to get everything running in 2-3 weeks. The next
step would be to collect traces and do evaluations.
      Jingyu will yet to determine the date when to start working on
PVFS tracing utility (see last week's minutes).
      Lingkun will collaborate with Hong to get the trace of
      Aziz will continue to expand the documentation for the Sorrento
system, and Hong will help him on that too.

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