Tech Reports

Report ID Title Report authors Report date
2004-10 Realizability of Conversation Protocols with Message Contents Xiang Fu, Tevfik Bultan, Jianwen Su April, 2004
2004-09 Dynamic Selection of Application-Specific Garbage Collectors Sunil Soman, Chandra Krintz, David F. Bacon January, 2004
2004-07 Ranking Aggregates Hua-gang Li, Hailing Yu, Divyakant Agrawal, and Amr El Abbadi March, 2004
2004-06 A Matrix q-Analogue of the Parikh Map Omer Egecioglu and Oscar Ibarra February, 2004
2004-05 Model Checking Interactions of Composite Web Services Xiang Fu, Tevfik Bultan, and Jianwen Su January, 2004
2004-04 Vision-based Interfaces for Mobility Mathias Kolsch, Matthew Turk, Tobias Hollerer and James Chainey February, 2004
2004-03 Profile-driven Code Unloading for Resource-contrained JVMs Lingli Zhang and Chandra Krintz January, 2004
2004-02 A Class of Graphs where Ranking Spanning Trees and Forests takes Linear Time Omer Egecioglu, Jeffrey B. Remmel and S. Gill Williamson January, 2004
2004-01 Distributed Data Streams Indexing using Content-based Routing Paradigm Ahmet Bulut, Roman Vitenberg and Ambuj K. Singh January, 2004
2003-39 Resource Management for Internet Services Using Large-scale Clusters Josep Blanquer, Antoni Batchelli, Klaus Schauser, and Rich Wolski December, 2003
2003-37 Quantifying Machine Availability in Networked and Desktop Grid Systems John Brevik, Daniel Nurmi and Rich Wolski November, 2003
2003-36 Approximation Algorithms for Finding the Optimal Bridge Connecting Two Simple Polygons Amit M. Bhosle and Teofilo F. Gonzalez October, 2003
2003-35 Algorithms for Single Link Failure Recovery and Related Problems Amit M. Bhosle and Teofilo F. Gonzalez October, 2003
2003-34 NWSLite: A Non-Parametric Prediction Utility for Resource-Restricted Devices Selim Gurun and Chandra Krintz and Rich Wolski October, 2003
2003-33 Perceptual Interfaces Matthew Turk and Mathias Kolsch October, 2003
2003-32 Energy-Conscious Data Aggregation Over Large-Scale Sensor Networks Fatih Emekci, Hailing Yu, Divyakant Agrawal, Amr El Abbadi November, 2003
2003-31 Parallel Simulation of Fluid Slip in a Microchannel Jingyu Zhou, Luoding Zhu, Linda Petzold, and Tao Yang October, 2003
2003-30 Sorrento: A Self-Organizing Storage Cluster for Parallel Data-Intensive Applications Hong Tang, Aziz Golbeden, Jingyu Zhou, Lingkun Chu, and Tao Yang October, 2003
2003-29 Dependency Isolation for Thread-based Multi-tier Internet Services Lingkun Chu, Kai Shen, Hong Tang, Tao Yang, and Jingyu Zhou October, 2003
2003-28 Modeling Machine Availability in Enterprise and Wide-area DistributedComputing Environments Daniel Nurmi, John Brevik, and Rich Wolski October, 2003