CS290F HW01: Publication Venues
Due: January 6, 2010 (BEFORE class)


To develop an understanding of a particular field, the first step is to build a good bibliography. To build a good bibliography, you have to first identify what the good workshops, conferences, and journals are.

Assignment Details

As discussed in class, identify a set of workshops, conferences, and journals that relate to multmedia generally and networking specifically. Include only the better conferences in your set. Your set should include 2-5 for each category (for a total of approximately 8-15).

For each, include a short description that will be relevant in reminding you what the workshop/conference/journal themes are. For example, is the workshop/conference/journal a broad conference but where some good multimedia papers appear or is the conference specifically geared to one or more areas in multimedia.

Include generally when the workshop/conference/journal is, when the paper submission deadline is and when the announcement of paper decisions is. If any of these approximate dates were different over the last couple of years, use the most recent information and make a note that the schedule has changed. If there is no specific deadline, include that information instead.

Include a short description about what the format and length of submitted papers are. If the final version differs significantly, include that as well.

For workshops and conferences, include information, if available, about the acceptance rate over the last few years, number of papers accepted, number of tracks, days of the main conference, and whether the conference includes workshops (and whether any of these workshops are likely to be of interest to us this quarter). A useful web site is: http://www.cs.ucsb.edu/~almeroth/conf/stats/.

Since future assignments will have you looking at papers published in these venues, you will want to start to familiarize yourself with some of the topics that actually appear in the conference.

Finally, using what you have learned about the workshop/conference/journal, rate the conference on a scale of 1-10 (1=worst; 10=best) in terms of its quality and impact (there might also be web sites that provide measures of impact--if you find such a web site, include it in your write up and use the information as it relates to this assignment).

Organize the above information in the most logical, easy-to-understand format you can develop.

Assignment Turnin

Email a copy to "almeroth@cs.ucsb.edu" with the Subject line: "CS290F HW1 Turnin". Your name should not appear anywhere on a printed version of the assignment. (I will figure out who you are based on your email address.) Assignments are due by the time class starts (9:00am) on January 6, 2010.