CS 267 - Automated Verification - Winter 2014

Instructor: Tevfik Bultan     Office: Eng. I 2123   Office Hours: Monday/Wednesday 10:00-10:50  
Class Times: Monday/Wednesday 11:00-12:50   Location: PHELP 2510

Course Topics

This course will cover automated verification techniques focusing mainly on model checking and for software verification. The tentative list of topics include:

Course Work

There will be several homework assignments and a final exam. The papers related to the topics discussed in the class will be given as reading assignments.



Reading Assignments

Homework Assignments

Recommended Text

The following book is a good reference for model checking techniques:
Model Checking, E. M. Clarke, Orna Grumberg, Doron Peled, ISBN 0-262-03270-8, 2000.

Related Tools

Specification Checkers
Program Checkers
Symbolic Manipulators and Satisfiability Solvers