Guard in Tianenman Square, Beijing. Entrance to the Forbidden City in the background

Walkway in the Forbidden City, Beijing.

Giant marble slab in the Forbidden City, Beijing. The slab was moved from miles away in the wintertime via ice slides. Wells were dug every 50 meters to produce the slides.

One of thousands of frescos in the long corridor of the Summer Palace, Beijing.

Lion guardian at the Lama Temple, Beijing. This lion, the female, stands on the left and has a lion cub under her paw. The male is on the right and has a ball under his paw.

Monk in front of the Little Goose Pagoda, Xian.

A giant marble stele from the Forest of Steles, Xian. The "heaviest library in the world", with thousands of giant marble slabs.

Fields in Sichuan.

A city nestled along the side of the Three Gorges.

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