Prof. El Abbadi receives an unrestricted gift from NEC Labs America

Prof. Amr El Abbadi has received an unrestricted gift of USD 70,000 from the Data Management Department of NEC Labs America for the project entitled "ElasTraS: Towards an Autonomous, Elastic and Scalable Database Management System for the Cloud."

ElasTraS is a project at DSL to design an Elastic, Autonomous, Scalable, and Fault-tolerant database management system for cloud platforms. This project is led by PhD student Sudipto Das in collaboration with faculty members Prof. Divy Agrawal and Prof. Amr El Abbadi. Being an active project for about a year and a half, this project has contributions from DSL Alumni Shashank Agarwal, who completed his MS in Computer Science, and Shoji Nishimura, who is a visitor at DSL from NEC Labs Japan.

During the course of this project, we plan to add "true elasticity" to the ElasTraS design by adding the capabilities of Live database migration and an Autonomic system controller. This will be a joint work between PhD students Sudipto Das and Aaron Elmore and advised by Professors Divy Agrawal and Amr El Abbadi.