Zephyr: Live Migration in Shared Nothing Databases for Elastic Cloud Platforms

TitleZephyr: Live Migration in Shared Nothing Databases for Elastic Cloud Platforms
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsElmore, AJ, Das S, Agrawal D, El Abbadi A
Conference NameSIGMOD
Date Published06/2011
KeywordsDistributed Systems, Elasticity, Live Database Migration, multitenancy

Multitenant data infrastructures for large cloud platforms hosting hundreds of thousands of applications face the challenge of serving applications characterized by small data footprint and unpredictable load patterns. When such a platform is built on an elastic pay-per-use infrastructure, an added challenge is to minimize the system’s operating cost while guaranteeing the tenants’ service level agreements (SLA). Elastic load balancing is therefore an important feature to enable scale-up during high load while scaling down when the load is low. Live migration, a technique to migrate tenants with minimal service interruption and no downtime, is critical to allow lightweight elastic scaling. We focus on the problem of live migration in the database layer. We propose Zephyr, a technique to efficiently migrate a live database in a shared nothing transactional database architecture. Zephyr uses phases of on-demand pull and asynchronous push of data, requires minimal synchronization, results no service unavailability and few or no aborted transactions, minimizes the data transfer overhead, provides ACID guarantees during migration, and ensures correctness in the presence of failures. We outline a prototype implementation using an open source relational database engine and an present a thorough evaluation using various transactional workloads. Zephyr’s efficiency is evident from the few tens of failed operations, 10-20% change in average transaction latency, minimal messaging, and no overhead during normal operation when migrating a live database.

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