CS595 S04- The Role of Game Theory in Ad hoc Networks

Faculty: Elizabeth Belding and Subhash Suri
Dates/Time: Wednesdays 10-11:30am
Location: CS Conference Room
Course ID: Contact Sandy Jacobs (jacobs@cs.ucsb.edu)

Ad hoc networks rely on the cooperation of participating nodes to route data between source and destination pairs that are outside each other's communication range. Because such data forwarding consumes valuable (and scarce) battery power, each node along the path has an inherent disincentive to cooperate. This tension between cooperation and cost invites a game-theoretic study, where each node must strategically decide the degree to which it must volunteer its resources for the common good of the network. Afterall, how does a node's level of influence its benefit from its membership in the network?

In this seminar, we will study a collection of recent papers that shed light on various aspects of this complex phenomenon. Students will be expected to read a small set of related papers, summarize and present their main contributions, offer their own critique, and formulate relevant research problems.


Optional Reading Material: