CS140: Final Project Demo Schedule: Tuesday, March 16

Please email Hans (cc John) your choice of slot. First come, first served. If you require a slot at 4pm or later (which is the official start time for the CS 140 final exam), please say so in your email. I do expect to see both team members at the demo.

Since the slots are packed in, I will be strict about staying on time. Thus, please plan to spend only 8 minutes (!) on your demo. You can choose what to present in that 8 minutes -- it would be nice to see your code run, but you can also show sample outputs, tables of results, short code walkthroughs, etc.

Demos are in CSIL, on the first floor of Harold Frank Hall. Everyone is welcome to stay for and watch each other's demos.

Your complete final project reports are due by 11:59 pm on Thursday, March 18. Use "turnin final@cs140" from CSIL. Only one team member needs to do the turnin, but be sure both your names are on it.