CS 219 Spring 2013: Final Project Ideas

These are just ideas -- please see me if there's something else you'd like to work on, or if you'd like to discuss any of these. Let me know by next Monday 13 May what your project will be and who will be working on it.

Each project must turn in a one-page progress report by Wednesday 22 May, and a final report of 10-15 pages by Wednesday 12 June. Each project will give a 20-minute presentation during the last week of class (signup sheet). We can also arrange for experimental projects to present a demo in the lab.

Experimental and application projects can be solo or a group of two students. Survey projects must be solo.

Algorithm experiments. For an algorithm experiment, you will implement and compare different approaches to a sparse algorithm. Here are a couple of possibilities; email me if you're interested in something not on the list.

Application experiments. An application experiment is any problem that comes from computational science and has a challenging linear system in it; you will experiment with methods for the sparse computation. The application should be one you are already familiar with, from your research or another class or a collaboration. Talk to me if you'd like to do this.

Survey projects. For a survey project, you will read a few research papers on a sparse matrix topic not covered in class. Here are some possibilites. Some of them come with a link to a paper, and I can give you references for the others if you'd like. In each case you will end up reading a few related papers for background and comparison as well. Email me if you're interested in something not on the list.