Homework 1 Writeups

MilkyWay@home Distributed Computing Project

Face Recognition on IMAP using Skeletons

Optimization of 3D Plasmonic Crystal Structures for Refractive Index Sensing

Simulating the Human Brain with Blue Gene

Vortex Particle DNS with a Billion points

Classical N-body Problem

Cross-Site Computations on the TeraGrid

Visually Appealing Fluid Simulations

Parallel Implementation of a Dynamic Programming Algorithm for Sequence Comparison

Study of Fluid Turbulence as a Supercomputing Application

Brain Simulation

Continuous Speech Recognition on GPUs

A review of the computational genomics problem of sequence alignment

Brain-scale simulation of the neocortex

Simulating Subsurface Flow and Transport on Ultrascale Computers using PFLOTRAN

Parallelization of the Stochasatic Simulation Algorithm for Chemically Reacting Systems on the GPU

Overview of Parallel Computing in the Field of Neuroscience: Focus on the Blue Brain

High Resolution Simulation of Supersonic Turbulence in the Birth of Stars