I have joined the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the Ohio State University (OSU) as an assistant professor. Please check here.

I am looking for highly motivated students. Please feel free to reach out if you are interested.

Research Interests

My research interests lie in data mining, and machine learning with emphasis on text mining and understanding, network analysis, and human behavior understanding. Particularly, my research projects focus on: (1) Machine intelligent question answering (QA) based on knowledge bases and texts; (2) Human collaborative QA: expert behavior understanding and expertise mining; (3) Knowledge discovery from texts and networks.


  • 01~06/2016: Visit the University of Washington
  • 12/2015: Our paper "Distributed Representations of Expertise" was accepted in SDM 2016
  • 12/2015: Our paper "Table Cell Search for Question Answering" was accepted in WWW 2016
  • 12/2015: Our paper "Entity Disambiguation with Linkless Knowledge Bases" was accepted in WWW 2016
  • 11/2015: MIT EECS Rising Stars Workshop, in the MIT News
  • 09~12/2015: Visit Baidu Research, Sunnyvale
  • 09/2015: Ph.D. Defense completion
  • 06~09/2015: Summer internship in Microsoft Research, Redmond
  • 05/2015: Our paper "Exploiting Relevance Feedback in Knowledge Graph Search" was accepted in KDD 2015!
  • 05~06/2015: Visit Army Research Laboratory, Silver Spring, MD
Last updated: 06/2016