Research Assistant

  • 09/2010~now, UC Santa Barbara, Advisor: Prof. Xifeng Yan
  • 09/2008~12/2009, USTC, Advisor: Prof. Nenghai Yu

Research Interns

  • 06/2014~09/2014, Microsoft Research, Redmond, USA

    Mentor: Dr. Hao Ma.

    Topic: Natural language question answering where answer candidates were extracted from the Web and linked to knowledge bases. Developed semantic features for each answer candidate based on their types and description texts in knowledge bases, which were utilized to identify the true answers.

  • 06/2013~09/2013, IBM T. J. Watson Research Center, New York, USA

    Mentor: Dr. Mudhakar Srivatsa.

    Topic: Expertise mining, expert behavior analysis, and collaboration optimization in collaborative networks. Built a generative model to capture expert routing behaviors. Applied the model to estimating task completion time and optimizing collaborative networks.

  • 01/2010~06/2010, Microsoft Research Asia (MSRA), Beijing, China

  • Topic: Spatial continuity constrained robust PCA, with applications to recovering images with large spatially continuous corruptions such as a face wearing sunglasses. Decomposed a matrix into a low-rank component and a sparse component with spatial continuity.




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