My works so far can be sorted in the following categories:

Text Mining:

  • H. Sun, A. Morales, X. Yan, “Synthetic Review Spamming and Defense”, in KDD 2013. [paper] [Demo]
  • S. Tan, Y. Li, H. Sun, Z. Guan, X. Yan, J. Bu, C. Chen, X. He. “Interpreting the Public Sentiment Variations on Twitter”, in TKDE 2013.[paper]

Network Analysis:

  • H. Sun, M. Srivatsa, L. Kaplan, X. Yan, “Analyzing Expert Behaviors in Collaborative Networks”, Submitted to KDD 2014.
  • N. Li, H. Sun, K. Chipman, J. George, X. Yan,“A Probabilistic Approach to Uncovering Attributed Graph Anomalies”, in SDM 2014.[paper]
  • S. Yang, Y. Wu, H. Sun, X. Yan,“Schemaless and Structureless Graph Querying”, in PVLDB 2014.[paper]

Fundamental methods for well-known problems:




Last updated 02/01/2014