Here is the TA mid-quarter evalutaion.

Any student who wishes to TA in the Computer Science department must sign up and attend CMPSC 501 in the fall quarter. CMPSC 501 is a seminar taught by the department's lead TA which will provide you with the necessary training to become an awesome TA, or so we hope :)

Our first class will be held on September 28th Please remember to bring in one tip or trick you learned from the school-wide TA orientation.

Things to do before your first section

  • Find your discussion section room assignment.
  • Physically locate the room.
  • Check to see if there is a projector. If not, and you would like one, contact Greta and hopefully that can be accommodated.
  • Get the necessary keys for the room. Note that you may need two keys if there is a projector.
  • Prepare for your section!
  • A few tips:
    • Introduce yourself
    • Get to know the students
    • Be confident, you're awesome.

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