Maha Alabduljalil


maha at cs dot ucsb dot edu

Maha Alabduljalil

Graduated with a PhD Computer Science Department at the University of California, Santa Barbara . My reserach emphasis was on Similarity search and Duplicate detection algorithms, parallelism, and performance optimizations techniques. I used the distributed framework, Hadoop for my work. My advisor was Dr.Yang and I joined the CSE lab (HFH 5110) in Fall 2010.

I earned a CS Bachelor degree from Kuwait University in 2005 and recieved my masters degree from Yale University in 2008.

Most recently, I am a member in the committee of the second international conference on Building and Exploring Web based environments(WEB) held in France 2014.


  • Distributed Processing using MapReduce.
  • Search Algorithms including Similarity Search, K-Nearest Neighbor and Duplicate Detections.
  • Parallel Performance Analysis and Monitoring.


  • "Load Balancing for Partition-based Similarity Search" X. Tang, M. Alabduljalil, T. Yang. SIGIR2014.
  • "Cache-Conscious Performance Optimization for Similarity Search" M. Alabduljalil, X. Tang, T. Yang. SIGIR2013.
  • "Optimizing Parallel Algorithms for All Pairs Similarity Search", M.Alabduljalil, X.Tang, T.Yang.WSDM2013
  • "Clustering and Load Balancing Optimization for Redundant Content Removal", S.Zhu, A.Potapova, M.Alabduljalil, X.Liu, T.Yang.WWW2012.
  • "Introducing Affect into Competitive Game Play", M. Alabduljalil,S. Xu, W.Miranker.IEEE2008.


  • 209: Logic and Applications in Computer Science.
  • 220: Theory of Computation and Complexity
  • 230: Design and Analysis of Algorithms
  • 240: Applied Parallel Computing.
  • 263: Modern Programming Languages and Their Implementation
  • 270: Advanced Operating Systems
  • 272: Software Engineering
  • 273: Data and Knowledge Bases
  • 274: Advanced Topics in Database Systems
  • 290N: Web Search and Data Mining
  • CMPSC 8. Introduction to Computer Science - TA.
  • CMPSC 16. Problem Solving with Computers I - TA.
  • CMPSC 170. Operating Systems - TA.


  • Cross Partition All Pairs Similarity Search package.
  • K-Nearest Neighbor Search package as an extended version over the algorithm described in this paper.
  • Contributed in the review process of a book titled: Hadoop in Practice .

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