C++ Reading is Required for CS 24

But you can select the source

The textbook does not present elementary C++ concepts, or syntax, or even style. We assume that many of you will need to learn these elements of the language this quarter (and you will be required to use the language to specify, implement and apply data structures). Some lectures and labs will cover C++ language topics, but you must also have access to a book about C++ programming to consult while you work on programming projects, and to study for exams about the C++ lectures for which you might not have taken adequate notes.

Fortunately there are many, many available choices. Among other outlets, dozens of items turned up in a search of the UCSB Library's online system for books on "C++ Programming." Check the UCSB Bookstore too (often they have an extensive selection of inexpensive programming books).

As a UCSB student, you also have access to Safari Books Online, directly from campus or by proxy from off-campus. This collection contains a number of books on C++ such as the following:

By the way, other Safari titles include the following items you might find useful: