C. Michael Costanzo


Department of Computer Science
University of California, Santa Barbara

Fall 2017

  • CS 32 - Object-Oriented Design and Implementation

Older stuff

Current courses (beginning 2009-2010):
Course number and title When
8 - Introduction to Computer Science F09, S10, W15, S15, S17
16 - Problem Solving with Computers I W10, W11, S11, W12, S12, W13, S13,
W14, S14, F15, W17
24 - Problem Solving with Computers II S10, S11, F14, F15, W16, F16
32 - Object-Oriented Design and Implementation F10, F11, S12, F12, S13, F13, S14,
F14, S16, F16
48 - Computer Science Project F10, W11, F11, W12, F12, W13, F13,
W14, W15, S15, W16, S16, W17, S17

Selected prior courses:
Course number and title Terms taught First Last
5JA - Intro. Computers and Computer Organization (Java) 17 W98 W09
10 - Intro. Computer Programming 14 W97 F08
11JA - Programming Language Laboratory (Java) 11 W98 F07
12 - Programming Methods in C 9 S01 S09
20 - Programming Methods 8 S97 M09
50 - Programming Project 16 W99 W10
60 - Introduction to C, C++, and UNIX 3 M03 F09

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