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CS 165A - Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (Fall 2007)

Class Schedule


  1. Readings should be completed before the scheduled class.

  2. Chapter readings (e.g., "Ch. 1") are from the course textbook (AIMA); articles are listed on the Readings page.

  3. Assignments are due by the beginning of class on the due date.


Tentative Schedule: This schedule is relatively fluid and will probably change as the quarter progresses.


Topic Reading Assignment due
27 Sep Introduction and course overview

McCarthy paper; Ch. 1

2 Oct

Main issues of AI

Problem solving and intelligent agents

Ch. 2 HW#0
4 Oct Blind search Ch. 3  
9 Oct      
11 Oct Informed search Ch. 4  
16 Oct      
18 Oct Game playing Ch. 6  
23 Oct Adversarial search   HW#1
25 Oct Knowledge representation: logic and inference in propositional calculus Ch. 7  
30 Oct First-order logic Ch. 8 HW#2
1 Nov Knowledge representation: logic and expert systems Ch. 9  
6 Nov Knowledge representation: First order predicate calculus Ch. 9  
8 Nov Knowledge representation and reasoning Ch. 10 HW#3
13 Nov Midterm exam    
15 Nov Knowledge representation: semantic networks, default reasoning    
20 Nov Knowledge representation: probabilistic reasoning Ch. 13 HW#4 (due 11/21)
22 Nov Thanksgiving holiday    
27 Nov Knowledge representation: Bayesian networks Ch. 14  
29 Nov Bayesian networks    
4 Dec The big picture

Ch. 26 and 27

6 Dec AI in practice; Final exam review AI Review  
14 Dec FINAL EXAMINATION (4:00-7:00pm)    


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