Dear Prof. Turk,

My name is Matt Niblock; I am a former UC undergraduate, a current charter school teacher at Aspire Public Schools in Sacramento, and a graduate student at Sacramento State in the field of Educational Administration. I am doing educational administration research as part of my graduate work. I have a brief 8-question (2-3 minute) survey that I am hoping to have completed by as many UC Santa Barbara undergraduate students (with junior or senior standing) as possible. Since I understand your class time is very valuable and I wouldn’t want to ask to use any of it to distribute my survey, I created an online version of my survey. I was hoping you could in some
way make the below survey link accessible to any of your classes that are filled with juniors and/or seniors.

I have been trained and approved to do the research as part of my graduate program in educational administration, along with having pertinent human subjects forms
approved. This is indeed a "no risk", confidential, and anonymous study. The topic at which my surveys are targeted deals with the perceptions of Junior and Senior UC undergraduates on entering the teaching profession. The survey data drawn will be done in an anonymous fashion such that the students' identifying information will be completely disconnected from the data and published results.

Thank you much for your time and attention. I would be grateful of any response at your earliest convenience.

Matt Niblock