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CS 60 - Introduction to C, C++, and Unix (Spring 2005)

Course Assignments

Assignments may be submitted in class or at the homework box in Engineering I.

All assignments must be submitted electronically by midnight on the due date (unless otherwise directed). Late assignments will be penalized 10% per hour (see the Syllabus). The first 10% penalty starts at one second past midnight.

For programming assignments, use the Unix "turnin" command to copy your source code and accompanying files to a common location - a directory with the same name as your user ID (your login). For the instructor, the submission directory would be named "mturk". There should be one directory per programming assignment (there may be subdirectories under that). Make sure that any files and directories under this are clearly and obviously named. Be sure to include a README file that states your name and email address, and any explanations if necessary. For example,

% turnin hw1@cs60 <dirname>

(where <dirname> is the name of the single directory you are submitting)

Note: If you have problems with turnin, then email your assignment to cs60@cs by midnight (but this should only be a last resort!).

Occasionally, you may be required to run the code for the instructor or a TA and explain it in more depth.

All work turned in must be completely your own, including programming assignments.  See the Policy on Academic Integrity.


Schedule of Assignments


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