Mobile Imaging - Winter Quarter 2014

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Miscellaneous links

Iris scanning in the next Samsung and Apple phones?

Article on What's next for smartphone cameras in 2014

New MIT Technology Review article: App turns smartphone into virtual cane for the blind


Some journals of interest (available via UCSB Library)

ACM Transactions on Graphics (includes SIGGRAPH papers)

IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence

IEEE Transactions on Image Processing

Image and Vision Computing

Journal of the Optical Society of America A: Optics and Image Science, and Vision

Journal of Imaging Science and Technology

Journal of Electronic Imaging

SIAM Journal on Imaging Sciences

ACM Transactions on Multimedia Computing, Communications, and Applications (TOMCCAP)

IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing

Journal of Display Technology



Emily's notes on iOS and Android app development

Android site

Android developers site

Android development tutorial

Android developers Google+ page

iOS Dev Center

iOS Developer University Program

iOS Development - A Beginners Guide (slides)

Windows Phone Development

Windows Phone Developer Blog

Nokia Windows Phone Developer




Mathworks home page

Mathworks documentation

Matlab Primer (3rd Edition)

Matlab resources

Matlab tutorial

More Matlab info

Further Matlab pointers

Matlab tutorials

Matlab tutorial

Matlab summary and tutorial

Short Matlab intro



Optics tutorial


Lighting-related glossary

Basic optics

A brief history of optics

Euclid, Galileo, Kepler, Newton, Ptolomy

The basics of light

The fundamentals of optics

Radiometry and Photometry FAQ

The Physics FAQ

Science, Optics, and You

The Physics Classroom: Light waves and color, Reflection, Refraction


Human vision



Interactive Illusions

Visual Perception and Data Visualization

Visual Perception Book


Webvision (Photoreceptors, Retina, Visual Cortex)

Vision and eyesight



Poynton's Color Technology Page  

Human color vision info

Color tutorial

Color science

Color science basics



MPEG home page

JPEG and JBIG Committees

JPEG2000 links

Video compression tutorial

MPEG-4 overview

H.264 - Recent


Cameras and sensors

Stanford CMOS group publications 

Omnidirectional Cameras

How digital cameras work

Pixim Corp.

Chandra X-ray Center

Hubble resources

From Galileo to Hubble



Color plasma displays

Autostereoscopic displays

Personal tele-immersion devices

A low-cost projection based virtual reality display

European 3D TV initiative



A survey of augmented reality


Computer graphics

Graphics File Format Page  

What is Computer Graphics?



Computer graphics bookmarks


Image processing

Mathematics Experiences Through Image Processing (UW)

The Pilot European Image Processing Archive .

Image processing and other links


Medical imaging

Basics of brain imaging

Primer on MRI and fMRI

Yahoo Medical Imaging

Duke Virtual Imaging Laboratory

The Digital Anatomist project


Computer vision

Computer Vision Home Page


Machine Vision Online    



Linear algebra review

Future Image Report


Journal of Digital Imaging

Astronomy images

Charles Poynton site


Projects/Products of Interest

iPhone 3D Generative Graphics:

Data Visualization with Nokia n900 Controller:

Layar Reality Browser:

Stanford mobile phone orchestra:

Smule, ocarina on an iphone:

Mobile music workshop with paper on Mobile Gesture Music Instrument:




Visual Tracking on Mobile Phones:,

Monitor ECG using Mobile Phones:,

"Ultrasound to Go":

"Touch Screens with Pop-up Buttons":

Zooming interfaces for AR:

AR browser:

Wikitude World Browser:

Shazam Music Recognition for mobile phones:

Query-by-image object matching mobile application:

Scans database for matches to objects captured using a mobile phone camera:

Control PC games with iPhone:

Bokode: 'Human imperceptible' visual tagging:

AR browsers:,


Zooming Interfaces for Augmented Reality on Phones:


Other Links of Interest

A review of mobile computing from 1996

GSMDome - The mobile news factory

Journal of Location Based Services

News: Google and Verizon team up with Android (link1, link2, link3)

NYT article 10/4: Augmented reality on mobile phones (also here)

Research: Photo camera for nearly blind

2003 Mini-Workshop on Positioning using Mobile Phone Technology

Research: TripleBeat

Research: Multimodal Automatic Mobile Annotations

ISMAR 2009 Mobile Magic Wand workshop

Research: Mixed Interaction Spaces

Demo: 6 DOF tracking on mobile phone

The First International Workshop on Mobile Multimedia Processing

Concept video: Nokia mixed reality

Notes on embedded computer vision

Videos: The evolution of mobile phones

TED talk: SixthSense

Assistive technology for low vision

Research: PhoneGuide: Mobile phone enabled museum guidance

Lab: Handheld AR

Research: Bendy displays

Research: SnapTell

Research: Ultrathin LEDs for lighting and display

Research: Mobile phone tracking and AR (video, paper)

Book: Mobile 3D graphics with OpenGL ES and M3G

Qualcomm Tricorder X Prize Competition: