Mobile Imaging - Winter Quarter 2014

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Access to IEEE articles may require you to be accessing from a UCSB domain computer.

Note: These links and files are intended for use by CS 290I / MAT 235 students only. If any links or files should not be included here, please contact the instructor.

Light and Optics
  1. Light Measurement Handbook
  2. Image Formation and Display
  3. Image Formation and Image Models (local copy)
  4. Peruse the Optics links
Human Vision
  1. How We See
  2. Human Visual System - Image Formation
  3. Vision and eyesight
  4. Peruse the Human vision links
  1. Frequently Asked Questions about Color
  2. Color Space Conversions
  3. A Guided Tour of Color Space
  4. Frequently Asked Questions about Gamma
  5. Color image processing overview
  6. Color image processing pipeline
  7. Digital color imaging survey article
  8. Peruse the Color links
Sensors and Cameras
  1. Sensors, Pixels, and Image Sizes
  2. CCD vs. CMOS: Facts and Fiction
  3. CCD and CMOS sensor technology
  4. Trends in CMOS Image Sensor Technology and Design
  5. CMOS Fundamentals
  6. New 35mm CMOS image sensor
  7. Peruse the Cameras and Sensors links
Image and Video Formats and Standards
  1. Chapter 1 of A Technical Introduction to Digital Video
  2. NTSC, PAL, & Interlace Explained
  3. The forces at work behind the NTSC standards
Image compression
  1. Video compression tutorial
  2. Overview of the H.264/AVC Video Coding Standard
  3. An Introduction to Image Compression
  4. JPEG2000: The upcoming still image compression standard
  5. Impact of MPEG standards on multimedia industry
  6. Peruse the Compression links
Image display systems
  1. How monitors work
  2. New monitor technologies (IEEE Computer article)
  3. Recent advances in augmented reality
  4. 3D displays
  5. Retinal displays
  6. Peruse the Display links and AR/VR links
Computer Graphics
  1. Four decades of computer graphics
  2. What is computer graphics?
  3. CGI training for the entertainment film industry
  4. Peruse the Computer graphics links
Image Processing
  1. Image Analysis for Digital Media Applications
  2. Continuous signal processing
  3. Linear image processing
  4. Peruse the Image processing links
Medical Imaging
  1. Web-Based Digital Medical Images
  2. Peruse the Medical imaging links
Computer Vision
  1. The convergence of graphics and vision
  2. Peruse the Computer vision links