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Information for Presenters

Session chairs: Come to your session early; check with the A/V person to make sure you know how things work. Introduce yourself to the presenters, and learn which author is presenting each paper, as well as how to pronounce their names. At the beginning of the session, please briefly introduce yourself and the session.

You are responsible for keeping the session on time - starting the session promptly, briefly introducing the speakers, keeping time, giving 5 and 1 minute reminders (signs will be provided), monitoring the Q&A periods, and moving promptly to the next speaker. If there are not questions immediately at the start of the question time, please be prepared to jump in and ask one yourself, to get the ball rolling. At the end of the session, please thank the speakers and remind the audience of what comes next (another session, a break, etc.).


Oral presenters: Presentations are 20 minutes, including questions. Schedule for about 16 minutes for the presentation, including walking to the podium and getting the laptop synced, leaving about four minutes for questions and discussion. The session chair will give you a visual signal at 11 minutes and 15 minutes (indicating 5 minutes remaining and 1 minute remaining, respectively).

Video projection and audio capability will be provided; speakers must provide their own laptop. Be sure to bring a copy of your presentation on a USB flashdrive as a backup; better yet, ask a colleague to have his/her laptop ready to go with your presentation on it, just in case there is a problem with your laptop. Come to the podium with your presentation fully loaded, videos ready to play, etc. Be sure you know how to set your laptop to "presentation mode."

Before your session begins, find the session chair, introduce yourself as the speaker for a paper in the session, so that the session chair knows which author is presenting the paper.


Poster presenters: Poster sessions will be held on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons; posters should be set up that morning, preferably before the morning keynote or during the morning break. The posters are numbered, so look for the board that corresponds to your poster number. The poster boards are 173cm (68") wide by 112 cm (44") high (landscape orientation); posters can be pinned/tacked onto the boards (tacks will be provided). Be sure to make your fonts and figures large enough to be clearly visible from several feet (at least two meters) away.

Be at your poster during the full poster session; offer to explain your work or to answer questions. After the session (at the end of the day), please remove your poster.


Spotlight presenters: In addition to presenting your poster during the regular poster session on Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon, you will also give a 2-minute overview during one of the poster spotlight sessions. Spotlight presentations are limited to 2-3 slides and 2 minutes total. Do not try to describe your whole poster. The goal is to introduce the work and give the key result. People will visit the poster for more information.

Please email your 2-3 slides to your spotlight session chair by Friday, March 17 in order to load your slides onto the spotlight laptop. Please also be prepared with a copy of your slides on a memory stick. Confirm with your session chair the day before your presentation that your spotlight slides were received and loaded properly onto the spotlight laptop. At the beginning of your spotlight session, please come to the front of the room and line up in order of presentation.

The spotlight session chairs are:
Tuesday Spotlight, AM session:  Marian Bartlett, marni@salk.edu
Tuesday Spotlight, PM session:  Lijun Yin, lijun@cs.binghamton.edu
Wednesday Spotlight AM session: Kevin Bowyer, kwb@cse.nd.edu
Wednesday Spotlight PM session: Rainer Stiefelhagen, rainer.stiefelhagen@kit.edu


Demo presenters: Set up your demo in advance of the poster/demo session (perhaps at lunch time), so that you are ready when the session begins.

Latest News at FG


FG 2011 was a success, with great keynote talks, an excellent program of presentations, posters, demos, and exhibits, as well as five workshops and three tutorials. Thanks to everyone whose efforts made the conference possible!

The proceedings will be available at IEEE Xplore in the near future. The location and organizers of FG 2013 will be announced here soon.

Registration hours

*Weather Update* - The weather forecast for the week of FG is not good - rainy and relatively cool. Bring an umbrella if you can!

Santa Barbara weather - 5-day forecast

No health risk to California from radiation

UCSB Allosphere tour

All conference presenters: please see the Information for Presenters.

The final program is available for the main conference.

Tutorials will be presented at FG 2011 on Monday and Friday. See the list and schedule of tutorials and workshops.

Scheduled keynote speakers