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Tutorial: Face Recognition: Long-Range and Surveillance

Walter Scheirer and Archana Sapkota
Securics, Inc. and University of Colorado at Colorado Springs

Date: Friday, March 25
Time: 8:30am to noon
Location: Anacapa/Santa Cruz/Santa Rosa

Face recognition has been one of the most commonly used biometrics for recognition and verification, because of its ease of acquisition, availability and its strong performance in the constrained environment and with frontal faces. However, in the unconstrained environment, like in long range and surveillance situations, face recognition still poses a lot of challenges due to changes in scale, the face’s complex 3D structure, and motion, as well as other environmental variables like atmospheric blur and illumination. In this tutorial we address the issues related to face recognition at distance and the recent works on the related areas. The first half of the tutorial will include the motivating concerns over surveillance with Biometrics in difficult environments, lighting considerations, sensor considerations, weather and atmospheric impacts, challenges for image quality assessments.

The second half of the tutorial will include the review of the state of the art in face recognition in uncontrolled environment especially dealing with the face recognition challenges at a distance. We will briefly talk about the advance feature detection and extraction, methods to mitigate the effect of blur and scale and the direction to the future work.

  1. Motivating Concerns Over Surveillance With Biometrics in Difficult Environments
  2. Lighting Considerations
  3. Sensor Considerations
  4. Weather and Atmospheric Impacts
  5. Challenges for Image Quality Assessment
  6. Robust Facial Features Literature Review
  7. Methods to mitigate blur and scale variations
  8. Future directions

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