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Tutorial: Iris Biometrics - From Basics to Research Frontiers

Kevin W. Bowyer
University of Notre Dame

Date: Monday, March 21
Time: 8:30am to noon
Location: Anacapa/Santa Cruz/Santa Rosa

The texture of the iris is succesfully used to verify the identity of persons in applications in healthcare, delivery of government services, frequent traveler programs, etc. At the same time, iris biometrics is a very active and expanding research area.

This tutorial will explain in detail the image analysis and pattern recognition steps used in the predominant ("Daugman style") approach to iris biometrics. It will also give an overview of the iris biometrics literature from the beginning of the field to present. Then it will discuss how various elements of the original conventional wisdom of iris biometrics have been disproved in recent years, opening up significant new areas of research that are directly relevant to computer vision and pattern recognition.

This tutorial should be readily accessible to anyone familiar with basic concepts in face recognition. No prior background in biometrics is needed.

  1. Survey of Applications
  2. How Iris Biometrics Works
  3. History of Iris Biometrics
  4. Research Topic: Effects of Pupil Dilation
  5. Research Topic: Effects of Contact Lenses
  6. Research Topic: Biometric Template Aging
  7. Research Topic: "Ocular" Biometrics
  8. Research Topic: Human Perception Studies
  9. Wrap-Up

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