Muath, Abdullah and Deem at Grand Canyon

I am Muath Alkhalaf    a PhD candidate at UCSB in Computer Science Department. I am a member of Software Verification Lab supervised by Prof. Tevfik Bultan. Currently I am working on automatic detection and repair of input validation and sanitization code. I am a co-developer of LibStranger, Stranger and SemRep. I am also interested in Computer Security and participated as a member of UCSB hackers group. Check my CV for more Information. Thank you for visiting.



LibStranger is an Automata Based Symbolic String Analysis Library. LibStranger can solve string constraints and/or compute pre and post-images of string manipulation operations such as concatenation and replacement.


SemRep is a Semantic Differential Repair tool for input validation and sanitization code. It analyzes and repairs validation and sanitization functions against each other with no manual specification or intervention.


Stranger is a tool to detect validation and sanitization bugs that may result in security vulnerabilities in PHP web applications. It detects XSS , SQL Injection and MFE vulnerabilities in PHP web programs.