Michal Wegiel

Department of Computer Science

University of California, Santa Barbara


I have graduated in January 2011. My Ph.D. thesis was Memory Management for Multi-Language Multi-Runtime Systems on Multi-Core Architectures.

Formerly I was a Ph.D. candidate in the Computer Science Department at the University of California, Santa Barbara. My advisor was Prof. Chandra Krintz.

Research Interests

Programming language design and implementation. Managed runtime environments for type-safe, object-oriented programming languages. Automatic memory management. Object sharing across managed runtimes implementing different programming languages, type systems, and memory models.



OOPSLA 2010    Cross-Language, Type-Safe, and Transparent Object Sharing For Co-Located Managed Runtimes
Michal Wegiel and Chandra Krintz
ASPLOS 2009    Dynamic Prediction of Collection Yield for Managed Runtimes
Michal Wegiel and Chandra Krintz
PLDI 2008    XMem: Type-Safe, Transparent, Shared Memory for Cross-Runtime Communication and Coordination
Michal Wegiel and Chandra Krintz
ASPLOS 2008    The Mapping Collector: Virtual Memory Support for Generational, Parallel, and Concurrent Compaction
Michal Wegiel and Chandra Krintz


TACO 2009    The Single-Referent Collector: Optimizing Compaction for the Common Case
Michal Wegiel and Chandra Krintz

Software associated with the above publications is available for download as open source.