Ben Y. Zhao


News in Last 12 Months

June 2017: NSF Medium SybilDevices proposal funded!

May 2017: Accepted position as Neubauer Professor of CS at UChicago

March 2017: Echo chamber & Venmo papers @ICWSM!

Congrats to Shiliang, Xinyi, Qingyun, and Megan!

Feb 2017: 1-device 60G RADAR @MobiSys

Congrats to Yanzi, Yuanshun!

Dec 2016: ML+crowdsourced wireless @WWW

Congrats to Zhijing et al!

Sept 2016: TCP offloading @Hotnets

Congrats to Yanzi, Yibo, Ana!

August 2016: Self-similarity paper @TOMPECS

Congrats to Qingyun, Xiaohan for their Self-similarity in Social Network Dynamics paper!

July 2016: 2 papers @IMC 2016

Congrats to Bolun, Qingyun, Xinyi and Shiliang for their IMC papers (Periscope and Link Prediction)!

July 2016: WWW 2017 TPC

June 2016: WSDM 2017 TPC

Press coverage on Crowdturfing

MIT Tech Review, Boston Globe, SlashDot, MIT Technology Review, Consumerist, InfoWorld

Press coverage on 3-D beamforming

New York Times, MIT Technology Review


Clickstream modeling code here
Code to generate measurement-calibrated synthetic graphs available here
Code to build efficient embeddings of graph coordinate systems available here

Contact info

Lab: 3534 Phelps, map (mostly here)
Office: 1123 Harold Frank Hall (rarely here)
Lab phone: 805-893-3417
University of California, Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara, CA 93106

ravenben at cs dot ucsb dot edu
Twitter, Facebook, Quora, Linkedin, Renren

Other Stuff

Google Scholar (~23000), H-index: 58
Erdos # = 3 (Erdos-M. Saks-K. Hildrum-B. Y. Zhao)
This page, circa 2011

Until July 2017, I am a Professor of Computer Science at UC Santa Barbara. This summer, I will join the University of Chicago as Neubauer Professor of Computer Science. After July 1, this page will automatically redirect to the new page at University of Chicago here.

My research covers a range of topics from large-distributed networks and systems, HCI, security and privacy, and wireless / mobile systems, mostly from a data-driven perspective. My current projects are focused on three areas: data-driven models of user behavior/interactions, security of online and mobile communities, and wireless systems and protocols. My work targets a range of top conferences, including WWW/IMC, Mobicom/SIGCOMM/NSDI, UsenixSecurity/NDSS/S&P, CHI/CSCW. Here's a wordle of my paper abstracts from 2014-early 2017.

Together with Prof. Heather Zheng, I co-direct the SAND Lab (Systems, Algorithms, Networking and Data) at UCSB. I received my PhD in Computer Science from UC Berkeley in 2004, where I was advised by John Kubiatowicz and Anthony Joseph, and created the Tapestry distributed hash table (dissertation). I received my MS from Berkeley in 2000, and my BS in computer science from Yale in 1997. I am an ACM Distinguished Scientist, a recipient of the National Science Foundation's CAREER award (2005), MIT Tech Review's TR-35 Award (Young Innovators Under 35) (2006), IEEE Internet Technical Committee's Early Career Award (2014), and one of ComputerWorld's Top 40 Technology Innovators under 40. My papers have somewhere around 23,000 citations and an H-index of 58. is a great new system that ranks CS departments ONLY by their research productivity as measured by publications at the TOP conference venues, developed by Emery Berger at UMass. It's a data-driven, transparent alternative to US News that explicitly focuses on research productivity instead of opaque reputations. Check it out! (UCSB CS is currently ranked #19!)