Lecture Schedule and Notes

Lecture topics are tentative, and will be finalized closer to the fall quarter start date.
Note: Class does not start until 10/3/2016!

M, 10/3 Introduction, Internet Arch, Layering, E2E Cla88, SRC84 Join Piazza!
W, 10/5 TCP Architecture, congestion control CK74, Jac88, CJ89
M, 10/10 Congestion control and Beyond KHR02, ACK+05
W, 10/12 Router Support for Congestion Control FJ93, DKS89
M, 10/17 Intradomain Routing SG04, SIG+02 Proposal v1 Due
W, 10/19 Interdomain Routing LAA+01, GSW02
M, 10/24 Interdomain Routing II GM+04, SC+05 Proposal v2 Due
W, 10/26 Peer-to-Peer (DHT) Systems SMK+01, ZZZR05, DH+07
M, 10/31
Wireless: Full Duplex & Backscatter
KPG+14, CJS+10
W, 11/2 Security: Backscatter & IP Traceback MVS01, SWKA00
hw1 Due 11/4
M, 11/7 Network Simulation and Emulation GY+06, MKF+06
W, 11/9 Project Progress Presentations
10 mins each
F, 11/11 Project Meetings w/ Ben

M, 11/14 No class, focus on projects

W, 11/16 mmWave Wireless
ZZZZ15, ZZZ+14
M, 11/21 Machine Learning and Networking ABD+09, BGF+10
W, 11/23 Data Centers and WANs To be determined
M, 11/28 Internet Tussles and All Questions Answered
W, 11/30 Exam

M, 12/5

Final Paper Due
W, 12/7 Final Project Presentations Phelps 3526
4-7 pm