General Information

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Big data processing is changing every facet of technology in our daily lives, often without our explicit knowledge. This course will cover advanced topics related to data intensive computing and processing in a variety of fields and systems. We will study tools used in data intensive computing, its applications, and implications on areas such as networking, security, machine learning, and information retrieval. Coursework involves reading recent publications on related topics, gaining hands on experience with data processing tools, and carrying out a publication-quality, quarter-long original research project related to the topic of data intensive systems or applications.

There will be no homeworks or exams. The class grade will be based on discussion of each paper on the Piazza group, your presentation of a research paper, and a course research project. For the project, the class will form project groups of 2-3 members each. Each group will design, implement and present a research project that innovates on the topics discussed in class. You will write a conference style paper describing the contributions of your work, and present your findings in a presentation at the end of the quarter.


Your quarter grade will be derived from paper discussions (20%), a class presentation (30%), and the class project, including paper and final presentation (50%).