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1st meeting on Jan 15, 4-5PM in 1152 Frank Hall

Heather Zheng
Ben Zhao

To be determined...


This is a weekly seminar for discussing recent interesting papers on
systems and networking topics, including wireless and wired networking,
operating and systems, systems and networking security, etc.
Each week, we will discuss two papers selected from recent/upcoming conferences such as SOSP/NSDI/SIGCOMM/MOBICOM. Each presenter will
prepare a 30 minute presentation to cover an overview of the paper, followed by a group discussion on the merits of the paper.

We will have our organizational meeting on January 15th to finalize presentation schedule and paper selections.


The seminar is organized by Prof. Heather Zheng - email: htzheng at, and Prof. Ben Zhao - email: ravenben at

Seminar Information

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Time: Tuesdays 4:00-5:00PM
Location: 1152 Frank Hall
Units: 2 units, S/U only