Bayeux: An Architecture for Scalable and Fault-tolerant Wide-area Data Dissemination

Shelley Q. Zhuang
Ben Y. Zhao
Anthony D. Joseph
Randy Katz
John Kubiatowicz

Eleventh International Workshop
on Network and Operating Systems Support for Digital Audio and Video (NOSSDAV 2001)

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Paper Abstract

The demand for streaming multimedia applications is growing at an incredible rate. In this paper, we propose Bayeux, an efficient application-level multicast system that scales to arbitrarily large receiver groups while tolerating failures in routers and network links. Bayeux also includes specific mechanisms for load-balancing across replicate root nodes and more efficient bandwidth consumption. Our simulation results indicate that Bayeux maintains these properties while keeping transmission overhead low. To achieve these properties, Bayeux leverages the architecture of Tapestry, a fault-tolerant, wide-area overlay routing and location network.