Brocade: Landmark Routing on Overlay Networks

Ben Y. Zhao  
Yitao Duan
Ling Huang
Anthony D. Joseph
John Kubiatowicz

First International Workshop on Peer-to-Peer Systems (IPTPS 2002)

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Paper Abstract

Recent work such as Tapestry, Pastry, Chord and CAN provide efficient location utilities in the form of overlay infrastructures. These systems treat nodes as if they possessed uniform resources, such as network bandwidth and connectivity. In this paper, we propose a systemic design for a secondaryoverlay of super-nodes which can be used to deliver messages directly to the destination's local network, thus improving route efficiency. We demonstrate the potential performance benefits by proposing a name mapping scheme for a Tapestry-Tapestry secondary overlay, and show preliminary simulation results demonstrating significant routing performance improvement.