CS170 Grading Info

Rich Wolski --- Winter, 2018

General Grading Information

The actual grading policy will evolve somewhat through the magic and soothing influences of time. Roughly speaking, but with the most gentle of inflection, the labs will weighted and total 60% of the final grade. We are slated for 4.

The final will be worth 40% of the final grade.

To allow for some moving of up, I've included the monotonically increasing class participation function which has a theoretical maximum of 10%.

For those of you not keeping score, the sum total is 110%. The extra 10% is so that "border line" cases can be moved upwards. That is, frequent, eloquent, and informed class participation during lecture that pleases the instructor can recover up to 10% of the points that may have mysteriously gone missing from your other scores. You will not be penalized, however, for imitating the proverbial bump on the fabled log.