CS170 Lecture notes -- Processes and You

The purpose of this lecture is to make the process abstraction a little clearer. We'll talk about what the book has to say. These lecture notes are intended to serve as an outline of the important issues.

Process Makeup

Process Execution State

Process Control Block

Memory Scheduling

  • Unix: memory management is provided
  • not all of a processes address space is in memory at the same time
  • OS is responsible for translating process addresses into physical addresses
  • when not in memory, processes address space is kept on disk (paging or swapping)
  • to run a program, its address space must be brought into memory from disk before the CPU can run through it
  • PCB is put on a scheduling queue while the process waits for address space to be paged or swapped in from disk
  • most Unix systems take jobs from the memory waiting queue (short wait) before they take jobs that are waking up after a disk I/O

    CPU Scheduling

    Process Creation

    Interprocess Communication

    Remote Procedure Calls