CS270 -- File System Presentations

Rich Wolski --- Fall, 2016

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The format for the presentations for this edition of "CS270 -- A Operating Systems Love Story" is as follows: Thus, the total time allotted will be 15 minutes with the first 5 devoted to a functionality test.

Functionality Demonstration

For the functionality demonstration, please install my Public PGP Key in the file /root/.ssh/authorized_keys and make sure that file has permissions 600 (rw only for root) into an instance where you have mounted a formatted file system of your creation. I will copy a tar file with test codes into your VM, and then run them on your file system.

I will expect that your file system has at least 15 GB of space available (in a 30GB volume).

Presentation Schedule

The schedule for presentations will be as follows: Please note the date you are scheduled to present. On each day, we'll do the presentations in the order shown.

Turning in Your Final Project

After your respective presentations, you should email me your code and your presentation materials. I'd like them immediately following your presentation so that I can begin grading them.

In addition PLEASE delete any publicaly visible code repositories you may have used for collaboration purposes.. Future generations of students will appreciate the ability to experience this project and not another that I must devise due to the availablility of your respective high quality solutions.