Winter 2009:
   CS 274: Advanced Topics on Databases
   CS 595D:  Seminar on Support for Data Streaming in the Next-generation of Distributed Systems

Fall 2008:
   CS 235:  Computational Geometry
   CS 595D:  Database and Information Systems Research Seminar

Spring 2008
   CS 595D:  Seminar in Information Management

Winter 2008
   CS 290D:   Topics on Text Retrieval and Web Search

Fall 2007
   CS 230:  Design and Analysis of Algorithms
   CS 290D:  Database Support for Multimedia
   CS 594:  Great Presentations

Summer 2007
   Internship @ Google Inc. Mountain View

Spring 2007
   CS 284:  Mobile Computing
   CS 594:  Academic Writing
   CS 595N:   Anonymous and Privacy Preserving Systems

Winter 2007
   CS 290F:  Intelligent Wireless Systems
   CS 263:  Implementations of Modern Programming Languages
   CS 595D:  Topics in Databases
   CS 595N:   Faculty Research Seminar

Fall 2006
   CS 276:   Advanced Topics in Networking
   CS 271:  Advanced Topics in Distributed Systems
   CS 595F:  Systems and Networking Seminar
   CS 501