Slides.Approx, Teofilo F. Gonzalez UCSB

This material can only be used for UCSB CMPSC 230a Fall 2003 and you may print the slides for that purpose (and keep them forever). This material is protected under the Copyright law and cannot be copied and/or distributed manually or through electronic means without written permission from Professor Teofilo F Gonzalez.

NETSCAPE has problems printing the slides (and hws and midterms) because there are no page brakes. In netscape, if you right click on an image and leave it pressed until you position the arrow in "view the image", a new window with only that image will be created. You may now print just that page. Repeat this for every page to print everything or just change the name of the file in the http line. On the other hand, INTERNET EXPLORER will print it properly.

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