CS 240A: Applied Parallel Computing

Winter Quarter, 2013

  • Class schedule: Mon/Wed. 11:00AM-12:50pm Phelp 2510

  • Instructor: Tao Yang (tyang at cs). Office Hours: MW 10-11(or email me for appointments or just stop by my office). HFH building, Room 5113

  • Supercomputing consultant: Kadir Diri and Stefan Boeriu
  • Teaching Assistant:
    • Wei Zhang (wei at cs). Office hours: Monday/Wed 3:30PM - 4:30PM at CSIL.

This course covers high-performance parallel/distributed computing systems and applications on modern computers. Topics include
  • Parallel architecture and clusters.
  • High performance computing and memory hierarchy.
  • Patterns of parallelism and program transformation.
  • Parallel and distributed programming. Threads, OpenMP, MPI, and MapReduce. GPU programming if time permits.
  • Parallel algorithms for numerical computing, data mining, and search.
  • Performance and parallelism in storage systems, Internet services and cloud systems. High throughput computing.
We will cover basic concepts and study recent technical papers in these areas. The expected work includes a class project/presentation, homework assignments, and an exam (most likely take-home).

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