Optional Files for Specialized Interests

Self 4.0 also includes two optional files.

We do not recommend that you take these files unless you really know what you are getting into.

If you want to study Self's implementation (a.k.a. the Self Virtual Machine), then press here to get the virtual machine source code (a 1.5Mb compressed tar file). It comprises roughly 80,000 lines of undocumented C++ and some SPARC assembly code.
If you want to study the Self system, but cannot run Self, then press here to get the source files for the Self objects (a 2.3Mb compressed tar file). If you can run Self, you do not need most of these because you can regenerate them by executing transporter moduleDictionary do: [|:m| m fileOut].

This file also contains the source to

  • Mango, the Self parser-generator
  • The old (release 3.0) user interface
  • A regression test suite for Self
  • Self benchmarks
  • assorted small examples