The Self 4.0 Smalltalk System

The Self 4.0 Smalltalk system comprises a translator, written in Self, which translates Smalltalk code to Self code, and a set of Smalltalk classes. Most of the Smalltalk classes are based on those included in GNU Smalltalk 1.1.1. There are `core' classes for collections and magnitudes, but little else; this is not intended to be an industrial-strength Smalltalk system. The Self 4.0 Smalltalk System has been built for several purposes:

To that end, we have compared the performance of our Smalltalk system relative to ParcPlace ObjectWorks Version 4.1 by measuring the performance of several benchmarks. To allow the Self adaptively optimizing compiler to analyze the code, each benchmark was run 20 times, and the best time was used for the comparison.

Below is a description of the benchmarks. Click on the name to get the source.

Benchmark               Performance 
                     (bigger is better)

diff                        107%
deltablue chain test        146%
deltablue projection test   217%
richards                    274%
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For more information, see Self 4.0 Smalltalk Emulator.